Frank Pierce feat. Lex - True Love (версия 2)




Описание: Frank Pierce feat. Lex - True Love (версия 2)

Honestly it's like a dream that you could somehow think of me
A part of me you've into even I'm still breaking as you breathe
I can believe I'm falling deep and somehow you belong to me
Like the air that I breathe
Falling out of space 'cause you've lost your way
Pulled apart and it seems
Though it's hopeless it seems
Calling out your name just to see your face
We could run away if we choose
'Cause if it's true love
The days we're apart and we both might depart
Won't stop us too
If it's true love and time moves us farther in life
Makes us smarter we'll know the truth

Исполнитель и название полного трека: Frank Pierce feat. Lex - True Love

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